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Micro-needling RF

Micro-needling RF

Treatment is done to reduce skin wrinkles, acne scars which makes skin rough.

The ideal treatment is a medical procedure that involves probing of insulated into the dermis layer to deliver high tension radio frequency pulse into the target tissue.

There are two types of devices

Rollers – with wheels of needles.
Pens – with a cluster of needles at the tip.

Your body responds to it by delivering its very own elastin and collagen fibetrs that makes skin firmer and more healthier. The procedure combines the radio-frequency(RF) with needling that penetrates a lot further, leaving the outside layer of the skin cool.

It gives a rather uniform deep tissue warming that stimulates the layer collagen to deliver new collagen filaments(regwrowth of new layers).

For obvious change, 4-6 sittings are for the mostly suggested. The procedure helps in managing wrinkles, restores skin, tighten it, and reduces pore size separated of delivering a slew of other benefits.

The combination of micro-needles and radio frequency brings about a more substantial improvement in the quality and texture of the skin. The procedure is also effective in treating scars like acne scars, atrophic scars, burns, operation scars, etc.

The procedure is not only minimally invasive but is also safe to endure with lower rates of post-inflammatory side effects. The treatment process is non-ablative and hence causes only minimal pain.

Our expert at Skinologycentre help you with their expertise in both Pre and Post treatment care and give you the results on deep wrinkle folds and thereby, flattening the uneven skin and gifting you back your charm and that youthfulness that you had lost somewhere in the tide of time.

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