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Hair Transplant Consultation

Hair Transplant Consultation

Not getting Results from Products? Loosing confidence due to Baldness? We at Skinologycentre have the solution.


We helped 1000+ patients last year & Our Clinic was Awarded as the “Most Promising” we got this award only because of our Happy Patients.

Check out the Feedback from one of our Happy Patients…

Now a Days its very tricky and hard to find a reliable doctor for Treatment.

I was also hunting for one, when I came across Skinologycentre. I was impressed by the fact that they employ standardized procedures and use the most advanced technology to carefully design a treatment plan for you.

I remember going for the initial consultation at Skinologycentre. They have the highly experienced that understand hair properly.

Skinologycentre has fully professional and experienced that follow stringent protocol even for initial consultation. They analyze the root cause of the hair loss problem in my First & Free Consultation so that it can be treated accordingly.

Skinologycentre follow advanced methods and are also given necessary training in them. They combine their clinical expertise with their dermascopes to find a permanent solution. I would definitely vouch for the advanced treatments at Skinologycentre.

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