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Skin Whitening & Brightening

Skin Whitening & Brightening

It refers to using some substances or procedures in an attempt to lighten the tone or to provide an even skin complexion.

This can be achieved by reducing the production or lessening the concentration of melanin in the skin. Due to condition, ethnicity, most of them will have darker complexion which makes them feel less confident.

A young and flawless-looking skin is what everyone wants, and there are quite a few ways by which you can achieve a brighter and white toned safely.

Skinologycentre is providing the Treatment you are looking for. We have a special procedure called the advanced treatment and this is done through laser techniques.

We have a special procedure called the advanced treatment and this is done through laser techniques.

If your skin has lost its shine due to tan or damage caused by sun exposure or pimples then stop worrying because achieving this has become very easy and affordable.

Many options can help you with fair and glowing skin. These options work mostly to improve the overall health of the and inhibit the production of melanin, the pigment whose overproduction causes a darker skin tone. Here are the most commonly used and highly effective options:

These are solutions in different strengths and can be acquired from most drugstores without a prescription for application on the skin to correct various skin problems.

They are applied to resurface the damaged top layer as well as to whiten the skin. When the skin gets removed, and new skin replaces it, the tone of the lighter than before. It often helps in boosting the collagen production levels in the skin.

Depending upon the strength of the peels, these may be applied several times (light and mild peels) or may just be used only once (deep peels). It involves certain mild side effects and downtime varies with the strength of the peels as well. It would be wise to leave the application of the peels to the experts to avoid any accidental skin damage.

It uses a specialized wire brush to exfoliate the top layer of the skin. The healing process starts right away after the removal of the top layers of the skin, and within a few days, healthier skin replaces the removed one. The appearance of the skin is lighter in colour, and the improved collagen production allows the skin to be firmer than before.

As it is a highly invasive procedure, there is some pain involved in the treatment. However, your surgeon may administer topical anaesthetics or local anaesthesia to counter the pain. Be sure to have some time to rest after undergoing the procedure. It may also need several sessions to achieve the desired outcomes.

It is a mildly invasive treatment option that uses tiny crystals for exfoliating the top layer of the skin. The crystals are sprayed onto the area that has to be treated with the help of a handheld device. Then, the exfoliated skin and crystals are gathered into a chamber using a suction pump.

As the healing process starts, the new skin layer replaces the exfoliated skin in a few days. It has a lighter skin shade with better overall health. It is also a supplier of more collagen. However, you need to consider a few sessions to achieve the desired skin tone.

Many skin care centres provide only doing well with customer satisfaction.

Skinologycentre is providing innovative techniques to improve skin tone and also offering affordable Costs.

Dr. Sushma Yadav is the expert and the lead Doctor in Skinologycentre. She has a years of experience and are dedicated to providing the highest standard of skincare using state of the art equipment.

Every individual’s skin is different and the response to the treatment is also different. Hence, our Doctor customizes the specific treatment based on your skin condition and the requirements you need.

Our Clinic is conveniently located for easy access. Also, the world-class facilities and the calm atmosphere would relax the candidates.

We keep the customer first and ensure that every client receives the best service and is satisfied with the result. Our team provides comprehensive skincare and endeavour to make the patient’s experience both personal and comfortable.

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