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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

When it comes We at Skinologycentre offer the Best & advanced micro High-Density which leaves no visible scar, with no cuts or stitches and with faster recovery than the traditional strip method.

Dr. Sushma Yadav is the Doctor who is heading

We take pride in hairline designing and our smooth, painless skin numbing solution. Imported fine needles and machines used along with the skills and expertise enable us to give more excellent results with greater satisfaction.

It is one of the popular, Affordable, and widely-accepted Methods.

It is a minimally invasive technique a method of extracting or “Harvesting,” donor in a Follicular Unit Procedure. In Surgery, an instrument is used to make a small, circular incision in the skin around a follicular unit, separating it from the surrounding tissue. The group is then extracted (pulled) directly from the scalp, leaving a tiny open hole.

This process is repeated until have harvested enough Follicular Units for the planned restoration. This process can take 2 to 3 hours regularly. The donor wounds, approximately 0.8 to 0.9mm in size, completely heal over the course of four to five days.

According to the Skinologycentre, which is one of the “pattern baldness is responsible for the majority. This comes down to genetics. The remaining cases are due to a variety of factors, including”

Hormonal Imbalance
It is a Surgical procedure that moves individual Hair Follicles from a part of the body called the ‘Donor Site’ to a Bald or Balding Part of the Body known as the ‘Recipient Site.’

It is primarily used to treat Male Pattern Baldness. In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing Follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the bald scalp.

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