Your skin is the most vulnerable and exposed organ of your body. After a certain age, we reach a point where any “Healthy Skin Care Tips” no longer work for us. No matter how well we care for it, it eventually begins to show signs of ageing. And the ageing process begins with changes in our skin that are nearly impossible to reverse with normal care.

What causes skin ageing?

1. Age – Your skin naturally becomes less elastic and more delicate as you age. It becomes drier and wrinkled as the natural oils that keep it moisturised are produced less. Your skin’s deeper layers of fat get thinner. As a result, skin sags and becomes slack, making wrinkles and fissures more noticeable.

2. Exposure to UV rays  – Early wrinkling is mostly brought on by ultraviolet light, which has the effect of speeding up natural ageing. The connective tissue in your skin, which is composed of collagen and elastin fibres and is located in the deeper layer of skin, (dermis) and is destroyed by UV radiation exposure.

3. Smoking –  Smoking can speed the natural ageing process of your skin, which makes wrinkles more likely. The impact of smoking on collagen may be to blame for this.

4. Repeated facial expressions – Fine lines and wrinkles develop as a result of facial expressions and movements like squinting or grinning. Under the skin, a groove develops every time you exercise a facial muscle. In addition, as skin ages, it loses its flexibility and rebounding power. The creases on your face then take on a permanent appearance.

These skin issues are specifically addressed by anti-aging treatments. These procedures are frequently carried out on the face, neck, and hands because these are the body parts that age the earliest.

Benefits of anti-ageing treatment:

1. Skin Tightening And Hydration – Dryness, a loss of skin firmness and elasticity, and age are all signs of ageing. The moisture of the skin can be increased by using moisturisers often. Several techniques, including RF tightening, 4D lifts, and thread lifts, can be used to tighten the skin. Skin can be tightened using laser resurfacing, usually more effectively than with any other method. Additionally, it might lessen dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on the skin.

2. Gain Skin Radiance – The fading of shine and the rise of symptoms that appear as you age are only two of the many factors that give skin an older appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles are easier to handle with the right anti-ageing treatment.

3. Increases Your Self-Confidence – Anti-aging treatments have advantages for your inner as well as your outer selves. One of the reasons you decide to rely on anti-ageing therapies is that they make you feel more confident, which is one of your main goals. There is something that carries your shine with it, enhancing your appreciation of your beauty and boosting your self-assurance regarding your skin.

4. Positive Effect On Your Health – Your whole health is affected by the domino effect since it makes you feel more self-assured. When you begin to change how you look, there is a larger propensity to fall short with other people, increasing your social engagement. You can appreciate the anti-ageing treatment for giving you the confidence you deserve when this occurs.

5. It Saves You from Costly Dermal Procedures – All the potential advantages of anti-ageing treatment are yours once you have it. At this time, you are less likely to have skin issues as you age. You’ll get to the point where getting facial services won’t require any skin procedures.

Finding the ideal skincare routine is difficult but essential. However, with Skinology’s anti-ageing treatment, your skin will be on the right track to consistently feel and look its best, and perhaps most young.

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